22/3/13-31/3/13 PRESERVE AND SERVE hosted by Tanja Nis-Hansen

08/3/13 -18/3/13 SAIGON MOMENT hosted by Anna Rettl and Mads E. Hvidtfeldt

22/2/13 -04/3/13 SO GLAD WE STOPPED TALKING hosted by Jessyca R. Hauser and Anna Spanlang

08/2/13 -18/2/13 PAPERFORMAT hosted by hosted by Bettina Kattinger and Ida Westh-Hansen

25/1/13 -3/2/13 MOOSEUM by Nina Prader and Olivia Jaques

12/1/13 – 21/1/13 TRACES ARE JUST EMPTY CATEGORIES hosted by Miriam Bethmann and Marenka Krasomil

8/12/12 – 17/12/12 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE CURATED hosted by Jessyca R. Hauser, Mads E. Hvidtfeldt, Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann