Open Call for the exhibition “APORIAS”

Deniz Guvensoy is looking for artists to contribute to the exhibition “Aporias” which will take place in Friday Exit between the dates 03.06.2016 – 18.06.2016.
The works can be in any medium: painting, installation, video art, performance, photography, new media…

The conceptual framework of the exhibition can be dowloaded through the droxbox link :–%20OPEN%20CALL%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0

Application requirements:
A dossier, which includes the images of the Artwork planned to be shown (Jpeg format for images or video works, AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV… formats)
A statement that explains the work’s relation with the conceptual framework (max. 150 words)


Deadline : 15th March 2016


Please send the applications to the curator of the exhibition : Deniz Guvensoy
Applications should be submitted via e-mail : [email protected]


Open Call for the exhibition ANTI*COLONIAL FANTASIES and decolonial strategies of empowerment

Imayna Caceres, Sunanda Mesquita, Stephanie Misa and Sophie Utikal are calling for submissions for those interested in becoming part of the group exhibition at Friday Exit from 21.05.16-28.05.16, as well as for organizing events during the time of the exhibition. Please send us a portfolio of your works, your artist statement and a short description of what you would like to show or organise.

Welcome are proposals in any medium, from painting, video, installations, photography, performances, collaborative interactive formats such as curating film nights, performances, artists talks, etc.

The exhibition project is interested in addressing:

* The sequels of colonialism in Austria and how it has continues to shape our subjectivities by inhabiting an intersection of oppressed identities and/or by dealing with the fragmentation that coming from histories of migrations means, and how this impacts our lives on a daily basis.

* The empowerment via the occupation of a specific position at the borders, as people of color dealing with structural oppression and setting the frames towards emancipation. Addressing material conditions and relations of power. Disparities in opportunity, and instances of discrimination based on race: its interwovenness with the ‘imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy’.

* Othering and exoticisation, alienation from personhood as an ontological process with material consequences.

* The role of the educative institution in the colonial project, with its support to scientific racism, and the continuity of this role nowadays in Vienna.

* A discussion that starts at the body, from the flesh, reclaiming other spiritual dimensions, emotions, and rituals and collective performances.


Deadline: 10 March 2016 (originally published as 31 of March, write to us in advance if you have a deadline complication).


For more information go to:
or write to [email protected]

Imayna Caceres
Sunanda Mesquita
Stephanie Misa
Sophie Utikal


Although Friday Exit is delighted to be providing the space for and supporting these exhibitions, unfortunately there is no financial support available to artists.