Dear everyone,

It is time for continuing the kind-of-Book-Club about Curatorial Practices Today (and everything around it). Second meeting will be on friday, 8.1., 6:30pm at Friday Exit!

Come and spread the news!

On friday we will discuss following text:
Hannah Arendt: The Public and the Private Realm
You ll also find it (and the german version) in the dropbox. english version includes the whole original book (but we’ll only focus on chapter II., starting p22: The Public and the Private Realm); the german version Alex suggested is her own (!) german translation.

Alex furthermore suggested the following:


Thank you Alex for your suggestions!

Please, everyone, read the Hannah Arendt text beforehand! If it’s too long, make sure you get at least an impression of the original.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best, Olivia & Alex