L’Intru (Invaders)
Exhibition at Friday Exit, 13.6 – 28.6

Friday, 12.6, 7pm

With the performances “Map Series” by Ana Mendes and
“It’s About Desire” by Andrea Salzman

Ana Mendes
Andrea Salzman
Eleni Kamma
Franziska Becher
Mario Asef
Sonja Hornung
Lisbeth Kovacic

23.6 – at nadaLokal 7pm
Reindorfgasse 8 1150 Wien

Amanda Pina
Hsynien Wei
Ana Mendes
Eleni Kama

L’INTRU (INVADERS) is a multidisciplinary exhibition that deals with issues of post-colonialism, memory, identity and narration. The exhibition not only asks who the invaders are, it also speaks of the personal narratives that these forces provoke within the individual.

Idea, concept, curating: Ana Mendes
Associated curator: Joseph Constable

W: http://lintruinvaders.tumblr.com/
E: [email protected]

Credits: Kaliber 50 Cent, Franziska Becher, photo Max F. Albrecht