Friday Exit Proudly Connects:
Baer | Hotel Butterfly


14.3. – 2.4. (process open to public, drop by during our opening hours, stay updated for special events)
Freitagslos: Friday, 20.3., 7pm
Finissage: Friday, 3.4., 7pm



Baer is an artist collective, founded in 2008, which began as an approach to experimenting with non-predetermined communicative spaces and modes of operation. Progressively, it developed into an artistic practice which accomodates collective and inividual processes. Thus permitting, complex questions and implementations. The founding maxim was: Through personal relations, regular gatherings and conviviality we work against it.

Hotel Butterfly

Hotel Butterfly is a collective of artists of various disciplines. They transform familiar spaces and activate their versatile potential by means of spatial interventions, such as installations, visuals, aural and performative gestures. Participating artists: Cousine Gigi & Cousine Florence, Wilhelm Binder, Luscious, Muniel Muniel, Tiger, Djane Eyre


Freitagslos, Friday, 20.3., 7pm
Matthias Peyker, Christoph Schwarz


Baer | Hotel Butterfly: 14.3. – 2.4.
Freitagslos: Friday, 20.3., 7pm
Finissage Baer | Hotel Butterfly: Friday, 3.4., 7pm

Friday Exit

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